Looking Glass - show ip bgp neighbors

Router: Sydney
Command: show ip bgp neighbors

BGP neighbor is, remote AS 4826, local AS 4826, internal link
  BGP version 4, remote router ID
  BGP state = Established, up for 02w3d19h
  Last read 00:00:00, hold time is 30, keepalive interval is 10 seconds
  Neighbor capabilities:
    4 Byte AS: advertised and received
    Route refresh: advertised and received(old & new)
    Address family IPv4 Unicast: advertised and received
    Graceful Restart Capabilty: advertised
  Message statistics:
    Inq depth is 0
    Outq depth is 0
                         Sent       Rcvd
    Opens:                  3          3
    Notifications:          2          0
    Updates:                0   90504801
    Keepalives:        652026         77
    Route Refresh:          0          0
    Capability:             0          0
    Total:             652031   90504881
  Minimum time between advertisement runs is 5 seconds
  Update source is

 For address family: IPv4 Unicast
  Community attribute sent to this neighbor(both)
  871335 accepted prefixes

  Connections established 3; dropped 2
  Last reset 02w3d19h, due to BGP Notification send
Local host:, Local port: ???
Foreign host:, Foreign port: ???
Nexthop global: 2402:7800:fe01:1::38
Nexthop local: fe80::526b:8dff:fe35:acec
BGP connection: non shared network
Read thread: on  Write thread: off

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