Supported BGP Communities

Community Purpose

4826:400 Set LPREF to 400 (Default)

4826:420 Set LPREF to 420

4826:440 Set LPREF to 440

4826:666 Blackhole (works down to /32 host route)

4826:1000 Export to All (Default)

4826:2001 Prepend once to Equinix IX SYD

4826:2002 Prepend twice to Equinix IX SYD

4826:2003 Prepend thrice to Equinix IX SYD

4826:2011 Prepend once to NSW-IX

4826:2012 Prepend twice to NSW-IX

4826:2013 Prepend thrice to NSW-IX

4826:2041 Prepend once to SA-IX

4826:2042 Prepend twice to SA-IX

4826:2043 Prepend thrice to SA-IX

4826:2051 Prepend once to WAIX

4826:2052 Prepend twice to WAIX

4826:2053 Prepend thrice to WAIX

4826:2061 Prepend once to VIC-IX

4826:2062 Prepend twice to VIC-IX

4826:2063 Prepend thrice to VIC-IX

4826:2161 Prepend once to ACT-IX

4826:2162 Prepend twice to ACT-IX

4826:2163 Prepend thrice to ACT-IX

4826:2121 Prepend once to Equinix IX Melbourne

4826:2122 Prepend twice to Equinix IX Melbourne

4826:2123 Prepend thrice to Equinix IX Melbourne

4826:2171 Prepend once to Any2 California

4826:2172 Prepend twice to Any2 California

4826:2173 Prepend thrice to Any2 California

4826:2191 Prepend once to HKIX

4826:2192 Prepend twice to HKIX

4826:2193 Prepend thrice to HKIX

4826:2221 Prepend once to Equinix Singapore

4826:2222 Prepend twice to Equinix Singapore

4826:2223 Prepend thrice to Equinix Singapore

4826:2231 Prepend once to BBIX Singapore

4826:2232 Prepend twice to BBIX Singapore

4826:2233 Prepend thrice to BBIX Singapore

4826:2241 Prepend once to Equinix Hong Kong

4826:2242 Prepend twice to Equinix Hong Kong

4826:2243 Prepend thrice to Equinix Hong Kong

4826:2141 Prepend once to AKL-IX

4826:2142 Prepend twice to AKL-IX

4826:2143 Prepend thrice to AKL-IX

4826:2091 Prepend once to QLD-IX

4826:2092 Prepend twice to QLD-IX

4826:2093 Prepend thrice to QLD-IX

4826:2351 Prepend once to MegaIX Melbourne

4826:2352 Prepend twice to MegaIX Melbourne

4826:2353 Prepend thrice to MegaIX Melbourne

4826:2361 Prepend once to MegaIX Los Angeles

4826:2362 Prepend twice to MegaIX Los Angeles

4826:2363 Prepend thrice to MegaIX Los Angeles

4826:2371 Prepend once to MegaIX Sydney

4826:2372 Prepend twice to MegaIX Sydney

4826:2373 Prepend thrice to MegaIX Sydney

4826:2381 Prepend once to MegaIX Singapore

4826:2382 Prepend twice to MegaIX Singapore

4826:2383 Prepend thrice to MegaIX Singapore

4826:2391 Prepend once to MegaIX Auckland

4826:2392 Prepend twice to MegaIX Auckland

4826:2393 Prepend thrice to MegaIX Auckland

4826:2401 Prepend once to MegaIX Perth

4826:2402 Prepend twice to MegaIX Perth

4826:2403 Prepend thrice to MegaIX Perth

4826:2411 Prepend once to MegaIX Brisbane

4826:2412 Prepend twice to MegaIX Brisbane

4826:2413 Prepend thrice to MegaIX Brisbane

4826:2431 Prepend once to Equinix IX Perth

4826:2432 Prepend twice to Equinix IX Perth

4826:2433 Prepend thrice to Equinix IX Perth

4826:2311 Prepend once to GTT

4826:2312 Prepend twice to GTT

4826:2313 Prepend thrice to GTT

4826:2318 Set No-Export to GTT

4826:2319 Do not Export to GTT

4826:2541 Prepend once to Telstra

4826:2542 Prepend twice to Telstra

4826:2543 Prepend thrice to Telstra

4826:2548 Set No-Export to Telstra

4826:2551 Prepend once to Optus

4826:2552 Prepend twice to Optus

4826:2553 Prepend thrice to Optus

4826:2558 Set No-Export to Optus

4826:2701 Prepend once to Hurricane Electric

4826:2702 Prepend twice to Hurricane Electric

4826:2703 Prepend thrice to Hurricane Electric

4826:2708 Set No-Export to Hurricane Electric

4826:2709 Do not Export to Hurricane Electric

4826:2881 Prepend once to Telia

4826:2882 Prepend twice to Telia

4826:2883 Prepend thrice to Telia

4826:2888 Set No-Export to Telia

4826:2889 Do not Export to Telia

4826:2891 Prepend once to Orange

4826:2892 Prepend twice to Orange

4826:2893 Prepend thrice to Orange

4826:2898 Set No-Export to Orange

4826:2899 Do not Export to Orange

4826:2901 Prepend once to PCCW

4826:2902 Prepend twice to PCCW

4826:2903 Prepend thrice to PCCW

4826:2908 Set No-Export to PCCW

4826:2909 Do not Export to PCCW

4826:2921 Prepend once to Global Cloud Exchange

4826:2922 Prepend twice to Global Cloud Exchange

4826:2923 Prepend thrice to Global Cloud Exchange

4826:2928 Set No-Export to Global Cloud Exchange

4826:2929 Do not Export to Global Cloud Exchange

4826:2991 Prepend once to Google

4826:2992 Prepend twice to Google

4826:2993 Prepend thrice to Google

4826:2998 Set No-Export to Google

4826:2999 Do not Export to Google

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